Rich Ward

Angela Peña-Ward


Managing your internal teams and customer expectations can be tricky, and timing isn’t always perfect for getting resources from one project or place to the other. Staffing needs can be complex, and balancing sales timelines and assuring customer satisfaction is even tougher.

We know what it feels like to worry about sales cycles and have concerns that you can manage your business demands smoothly.

Your team may have considered there was a better way to get projects completed with headcount, travel and budgetary limitations. Like other clients, you’ve likely wondered if there was another way to get the specialized help you need, when and where you need it.

We know you want you to continue growing opportunities and we understand it’s a competitive market for talent, especially if your customers are all over the country.

At 5 Wards we get it.

It is overwhelming to launch projects in an environment that is volatile and in markets that may be unfamiliar. For the past 30 years we’ve helped startups and Fortune 500 companies with sales teams like yours overcome the cycle of lost opportunities and gain confidence that you can deliver.

Rich’s decades in leadership, running every major function of a company, and launching emerging technology products and services globally has equipped him with a knowledge of what matters to Tech teams everywhere. His leadership in Digital Transformation teams for companies like Cisco, among others, created converted opportunities for sales teams. Let us show you how to efficiently manage staffing and recruiting demands in a way that you become a critical partner for your clients as well.

Angela’s career in sales and partner development brings years of coaching and winning methodologies to our clients. Understanding your offering, customers and culture creates the roadmap for partnering in the execution of your deals. Her passion for coaching teams and effective communication when building your dedicated 5 Wards team will help you win, too.

We are committed to helping you grow and mitigate staffing and recruiting concerns. The process is simple: book a consult, we’ll share the plan for building a practice around your projects and customers, and together we can deliver, while you focus on growing your business. After you schedule a consultation with one of our Strategic Alliance team members, you’ll have taken the first step to becoming an industry leader with limitless delivery opportunity.

We believe you can get ahead and deserve a chance to be a critical player for your clients. Let us help you manage internal demands and customer support in a way no one else has, and we’ll explain how we can help you save money, time, and improve customer and employee retention in the process.

Schedule a call with our team so we can get started.